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Our collective impact

For over 20 years fisheries, scientists, consumers and industry have been part of a collective effort to make sure our oceans are fished sustainably.

Since we were founded in 1997, fisheries responsible for around 15% of marine catch have been certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard. Certification is helping to grow and maintain the number of sustainable fish populations.

To remain certified, fisheries have so far made over 1,700 improvements to their performance and management.

More than 38,000 sites, including supermarket chains, restaurants, fishmongers and hotels are now certified to sell seafood with the blue MSC label.




of marine wild catch engaged with the MSC program (certified or in assessment)


improvements made by MSC certified fisheries by the end of 2019


of certified fisheries have made improvements in practice
More than


different products sold globally with the MSC blue label in the UK financial year 2019-20 (1 April 2019 - 31 March 2020)



sites around the world selling certified sustainable seafood

Fisheries improving

MSC certified fisheries are continually improving to minimise environmental impacts

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Find out moreADC年龄确认大驾光临入口在线观看 ADC年龄确认大驾光临入 ,WWW 111KFC COM在线观看 WWW 111KFC COM无删减 琪琪看片网

Fishing boats docked in a row against snowy mountains, reflected in the water in front

Global Impacts 2017

Our Global Impacts Report showcases the progress and improvements delivered by certified fisheries around the world.

Read the report
Mackerel dish (left) on a wooden table with utensils and salt and pepper (right)

Traceable supply chains

Retailers, fishmongers and restaurants around the world are certified for traceability so fish sold with the MSC label can be traced to a sustainable fishery.

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Monitoring and Evaluation 500 x 500

Monitoring our impact

The MSC monitoring and evaluation program works to understand the environmental and social impacts of the MSC.

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ADC年龄确认大驾光临入口在线观看 ADC年龄确认大驾光临入 ,WWW 111KFC COM在线观看 WWW 111KFC COM无删减 琪琪看片网
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